What Affects Roof Replacement Costs

Published on March 26 2017

Replacing a roof is something that all homeowners will eventually do. Knowing what factors into the cost to replace roof is helpful. If you want to find out what effects roof replacement cost, then you've come to the right place. Here are four things that affect pricing for roofers near me:

The Pitch

The slope of the roof or its pitch plays a big part in how much roof replacement will cost you. Some roofs feature no pitch, while some have a low or high pitch, which can affect the price of replacing it. Not only that, but the heavier your roof is, the more it will cost. This is because of the increased labor that's required for tearing off a heavy roof.

Besides that, the harder it is to access a roof, the more it will likely cost to replace it. For example, if roofers cannot back their trucks up to our home, then this means they have to carry the materials. This can result in a costlier job.


The materials used to replace a roof will factor into how much the project will cost. Generally speaking, the most affordable roofing material is asphalt, and wood is affordable too. Metal can be pricey and so can tile, and if you want slate, then be prepared to pay a lot of money. If you want to save money on replacing your roof, then consider going with asphalt material, but sometimes the more expensive materials are the most durable and will last longer

The Company You Hire

Let's not forget to mention the company you actually hire can affect how much it costs to replace a roof. Some companies charge a lot more than other companies, and this may be due to them having more experience, lower overhead costs and things of that nature. Some companies can complete projects much faster than other businesses, while some companies do a lot of business on a consistent basis, which allows them to charge less. This is why it's important to contact a few roofers for quotes.

Other Factors

If there is water damage that needs to be repaired, then this can increase the price of replacing your roof, and the roofer will usually not notice any water damage until they can look at the deck after they have removed the outer layer of the roof. Also, if you have a skylight or if your roof has a chimney on it, then this can make replacing the roof more complicated, as more work is involved. This means you can expect to pay more money to have your roof replaced.

Those are only a few things that can affect how much you'll pay to replace your roof. The key to saving money is to shop around for roofers, figure out what materials you want to be used and whether or not you want a pitched roof or a flat roof. Now you know what affects costs and how to save money on replacing your roof.