Why To Avoid Buying A Cheap Roof

If you see a roof as a one-time expense, that you will never have to worry about again, then you are mistaken. Homeowners who do believe that a roof is simply a one and done deal can end up spending a lot more on their roof in the long run because they do not take into account the cost of roof repair and maintenance. These homeowners who do not realize that they will have to worry about maintenance and repair are more likely to go with an inexpensive roofing system.

Repair and maintenance of a bad roofing system can add up to be more expensive than a more expensive, high-performing roofing system. You will still need to take care of maintenance of a high-performance roof, but the maintenance costs will be lower, and you will need fewer repairs over time. Yes, the initial cost of a higher quality roofing system will be significantly higher than the least expensive one, but believe me, the life value of the roof will more than make up for the initial high costs.

The original cost of a roof can include the materials uses, the labor of the contractor, overhead that the contractor has, the profit that the roofing company takes in, as well as more costs that can be associated with your house’s and the roof’s structure. A roof’s life value takes into account not only the original costs that you incur from the installation of the roof, but it also takes into account the repairs, maintenance, and other costs that will be associated with the roof. The life value of the roof is a much better estimate of how much a roof will cost in the long run because you will inevitably have to spend some money on maintenance of your new roof. It makes sense to speak to someone in your particular area when getting an estimate on your new roof.  If you live in MD for example, you will want so search for a Gaithersburg roofing contractor, or search for Montgomery County roofers, to find the best and most reputable company in your area.

Other savings associated with better quality roofs that first-time homeowners will overlook when it comes to their roofs include the following:

  1. Savings on electricity and gas due to less air leaking through a better quality roof
  2. Less need for service repairs due to having a roof that drains properly
  3. No need for repairs inside your house due to leaky roofs
  4. A better quality roof will have lower insurance costs because it will be affected less by harsher winds
  5. The heavier framing that is used for a better quality roof will allow for heavier materials which will protect your home better against heavy snow and ice on top of your roof
  6. Savings for roof repairs due to parts and materials that are easy to find and replace


The most important thing to remember when planning on which roofing system to use and how much to spend on your roof upfront is that the most cost-effective roof is one that will last longer and need fewer repairs than one that is cheaper at first but will need more repairs.